Forgiving Constitutes the Person

This paper is a meandering comment on a part of James E. Loder’s The Logic of the Spirit, which caught my fancy. I have thought much about human development, having lived through a lot of it myself, seen and messed about with it in other people, but I have no competence in the science of human development. I found a meeting point with Loder when I saw some resonance between his description of the creative work that has to be done by the infant as a growing person and ideas I have cultivated for decades about the fundamental way in which forgiving is constitutive in the being of persons and societies, if they are to have a plausible claim to be humanly good.

Download the full paper below.

Originally published in The Logic of the Spirit in Human Thought and Experience, edd Dana R Wright and Keith J White, (2014), pp 58-77. Used by permission of Wipf and Stock Publishers,

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